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Re: win95/NT vrs. Linux For profetional program development

> That includes: How dificult is it for a programer to make the switch
> to programing for X instead of win95.

Well, programming for X is much more verstile then Win programming.
The thing is that you have a choice in a GUI Toolkit.
The oldest and most popular is Motif. It is not free and available from
several vendors for ~$100 (e.g. http://www.metrolink.com)
There is also a free Motif clone which is not quite ready for a prime time

There are also several newer toolkits - Qt (which also has a Win port),
GTK+, XForms, etc.

And of course, there is Java (tm).

> Also what software is there to develop programs (Compiler
> environments) and to develop man/machine interface.
> I'm looking for a c/c++ based system. There is no problem with
> purchasing commercial programs if they exist.

c/c++ compilers are free and good. (gcc/egcs)

> I'm looking for something of the sort of Visual c++.

I remeber that I heard of several GUI builders for Linux, both free and 
commercial, but I don't use them so can't be precise here.

For an example of the GUI in X/Motif anf GTK+, you may visit the page
of WXftp, the application I wrote, at http://www.wxftp.seul.org

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