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debian for public stations

I am new to the list and am investigating some options for configuring our
publically accessible PCs.  Through various upgrades and other developments  
we are also assembling a growing base of 486DX stations with 16 MB RAM. One 
option we are exploring is to use debian on these units. Linux has
smaller requirements than windows and might make it possible to get some
additional mileage out of this equipment.

Has anyone put together a minimally configured and locked-down system with
debian ? I am running a graphical java application and some x-windows

Art Rhyno, Systems Librarian
Leddy Library, University of Windsor
Internet: arhyno@uwindsor.ca
Tel: (519) 253-4232, EXT. 3163
FAX: (519) 973-7076
WWW: <http://www.uwindsor.ca/library/leddy/people/art.html>

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