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Re: Vim embedded python

Mike Orr hat gesagt: // Mike Orr wrote:

> [in vim 5.1-0.4]
> :python import vim
> Sorry, this command is not implemented
> :version
> VIM - Vi IMproved 5.1 (1998 Apr 7, compiled Jun 16 1998 16:49:40)
> Compiled with (+) or without (-):
>  -python 
> Was there some problem getting vim-with-python to compile, or was it
> just a feature nobody has asked for yet?  I would find it very useful.

Well, I wouldn't, because I don't have python installed ;-)

But it is very simple to enable python or perl in Vim if you get the
source-deb and compile it with all the options you like...

I did this with the first Vim5.deb for debian because it didn't have 
the gui-support enabled that I like so much about Vim.
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