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Re: kern.log: Unable to load interpreter ???

> > Accorrding to the kernel source, it will generate this error if it
> > tries and > fails to load the interpreter for elf binairies.
Oh, I see!

> > because you had overloaded the system. (Though that seems a touch
> > weird to me.)
But it's probably true.  The smail misconfiguration led to lots of smail
processes!  But I was surprised, too.  I thought linux would be smart
enough to kill some processes if that happens.

> Not that it should be really, I did some programming on a low,low spec box
> in the labs and noticed it a few times ... A good way to reproduce it is
> to sequentially call malloc with increasingly higher values in a
> background process. The OS wouldn't crash (at least to my experience) but
> ... it might be a while recovering even after you kill the offending
> process

*IF* it is possible to kill the process.  I had real trouble to do that,
because I couldn't log in and then start the "killall smail" command.
How did you manage to kill the processes?


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