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Re: Please help with IP Aliasing

First of all thanks a lot for your fast help, especially to Craig!

> firstly, replace all those ifconfig & route commands with something like
> this:
> i=1
> while [ $i -le 254 ] ; do
> 	ifconfig eth0:$i XXX.231.206.$i netmask
> 	route add -host XXX.231.206.$i eth0:$i
> 	$i=$(( $i + 1 ))
> done
Good idea!  A lot easier to read that way.
>From your answers I assume that I really have to setup a virtual
interface for every IP address.  Isn't there a possibility to
map a whole subnet XXX.231.206.everything?  I thought I saw that
on a system a while ago.  It had even more IP addresses assigned
to.  But it might have been a FreeBSD system.

> secondly, the route command is optional.
How come that I can't reach my own address(es) without a route?
Shouldn't it be routed to the gateway, which would send it back
to my machine?

> third: do you *really* need all those aliases configured right now?
Nope, but soon.

> if not, then only configure the ones you actually need, *when* you need
> them.
Why?  Does it have any negative effects to have that many interfaces and
routes configured?

> fourth: for a virtual hosting system, it's not terribly difficult to
> set things up so that the configurations for virtual web, ftp, mail,
> dns, and ip_aliasing are all controlled from one file. e.g. make a file
> called /etc/virtual-hosts which contains the following info:
I like that idea.  I'll probably set things up this way as soon as I
have more time again.

> you can increase this limit by modifying the kernel sources. or start
> using 2.1 series kernels.
Are you saying that 2.1 kernels have this limit set higher or are they
using a completely different way of handling this situation?

> if you've got more than 255 virtual hosts then you probably want another
> machine to host them on anyway. don't try to make one machine do too
> much.
I am sure linux can handle it. :-)  No, seriously, more IP addresses
doesn't necessary mean more traffic.  It's just that some customers
want their own domain which has to be mapped to a separate IP number.

Thanks again for your help!

 Andy Spiegl, University of Technology, Muenchen, Germany
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