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Re: NCR SCSI - which debian kernel will work

One of my friends just installed Slackware and had the same problem. He used the
2.0.35 kernel but I'm pretty certain you'll be fine with the 2.0.34. I don't know what

kernel the latest bo comes with, but you might want to consider hamm, since upgrading
from bo to hamm is a considerable pain but a fresh hamm install in ways can be easier
than bo, specifically for you with this issue I would imagine.

Lee W. Glenn wrote:

> Hi,
> After spending many hours last night and today searching the net I found a
> few references to other people having similar problems to me.  (The system
> hangs on my NCR53c875 SCSI controller when I try boot from the rescue disk
> to try and install debian "bo" 1.3.1.  Incidently Caldera works...)  It
> appears that the kernel version that is include on the debian CD I have is
> the issue. Does anyone know were I can get the appropriate kernel and how
> do I use it to do this installation?
> Thanks,
> --
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