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X11 problems on a new install...

I've just installed Debian 2.0, using the 2.0.34 Kernel...  Dselected
all the X11 stuff, installed it, etc.  When I try to run fvwm95(actually,
I'd like to use ksh, but fvwm95 was already there, being in the hamm
install) I get libXpm.so.4 not found.  I tried wm2, and one or two other
window managers and get similar lib*.so.* not found errors...  I"m assuming
that I've a bad path statement somewhere, but as this is my first Debian
system I"m not sure where to look.  Any help would be grately appreicated!

Evan Van Dyke					E-mail: evandy@netcom.com
DNRC's Minister of Lost Internet Packets.       O-
Amateur Radio Call Sign:  KB8PVE
	"Quoth the Raven...  'Nevermore!'" --Edgar Allen Poe
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					   --Dilbert to Management

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