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smail trouble continues

	Well I've now received over 30 calls about this problem, so I can
assume that it affects Netscape 3.02 :>  For some reason my version of
smail ( will not allow a client to send a message without
first issuing a HELO or EHLO command.  I've gone through the smail-config
and smailconf man pages to no avail.  I've also set the following
variables in /etc/smail/config to both on and off

	Nothing appears to be working.  On a side note all three hosts
listed as a MX for debian.org allow me to send a message without first
stating HELO or EHLO.  I've I can make the switch between MTA's in under
five minutes (so I don't disrupt the other 500 users who can send mail)
I'll look into switching.  I really would like to stick to smail though.
If anybody has ANY idea I would appreciate it, right now it looks as
though I'll spend the night here until I find a solution :<


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