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Re: Please help with IP Aliasing

> > I am currently setting up a Mail and Webserver (hamm, 2.0.33).  I have
> > got a whole package of 256 IP addresses that I want to assign to this
> > server. In the NET-3-HOWTO I read that I have to set it up like this:
> Why do you want to give the machine 256 ips? It's pointless unless you do
> webhosting, and there are better ways of doing that eg with apache's
> <VirtualHost> setup.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe that even for apache you still need IP for each 
virtualhost since each is going to be a diffenent domain. I think there are some 
way to do non-IP virtualhost but you would be handicapped in other services.

Any ideas?
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