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some newbie questions - plz help


I've just set up debian hamm and i have few problems with it.
It seems that i'm not able to create working accounts.
I've tried to create them with "adduser whatever" -command,
but when i try to logon, it says "could not cd to  /home/whatever".
Then it throws me back to the login prompt. Any ideas why it behaves so?

I've checked the permissions of /, /home and /home/whatever and they
seem to be ok. But i'm not 100% sure. 
I've also checked the passwd and group files too. Nothing weirdo there

A second quiz:
man returns me libc.6.so: Permission denied. when i checked this file,
it was a symlink to some other lib (can remember the name. debian's own?).
anyway this other lib had 755 permissions. any idea why my man is


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