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Re: Stupid question

On Thu, Jul 02, 1998 at 02:24:48AM -0500, Eric wrote:
> I'm trying to decide how much of my hard drive to give to the three
> partitions I plan on making for /, /usr, and /home.  I'm sure this is a really
> silly question, but I've been reading the ls and tree manpages and can't figure
> it out.  How do I figure out the size of all the files in a particular directory
> together.  i.e. how much space all the files in /usr and all its subdirectories
> takes.

/dev/hda3             339603   87560   234504     27%   /
/dev/hda5             593181  320270   242270     57%   /usr
/dev/hda6             148319   27155   113505     19%   /var
/dev/hda7             347375  118375   211060     36%   /home

/var is so big because apt likes to cache there.  Yes, I have a big /home
for having 2 users in it, and one of them is using < 2megs and it's not
knghtbrd.  =>

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