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Re: More Info on the AIC-7890 problem

Make sure there is no IRQ conflict.
Make sure the last device on the chain is terminated.
In order to get scsi controllers AICxxx version to work all you have to do
is recompile the kerenel with the AICxxx (low-level) driver built in.
You should be able to reboot and have it come up after that.

At 07:37 PM 7/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>The SCSI Controler I refered to in my post is the built-in
>AIC-7890 Ultra2 Wide SCSI controler on the ASUS P2B-DS
>motherboard(and the P2B-S/P2B-LS).  When I boot up on the
>rescue disk I get the error:  Unable to initialize WD-7000
>SCSI controler.  and then about 10 lines later:
>scsi: no controlers found
>If anyone can help with this I would be _most_ grateful.
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