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Re: module dependencies


> 	Hmm, did you run 'make modules' and 'make modules_install' after building
> the kernel?  When you ran 'depmod -a' did it give any errors?  depmod is the
> prog that builds the modules.dep file in /lib/modules/2.0.34/ (On a Deb
> system, depmod should be run at every boot).  On my 2.0.34 system (Creative
> SB 16 PnP), sound.o has *no* dependencies on it (it is standalone), so it
> almost sounds like sound.o was built wrong (or sound.o isn't in the
> modules.dep file).
> 	When do you get this error? At boot-up? When running modprobe?

Yes, I have compiled 4 times.  I have run, make dep;make clean; make zlilo
then, make modules; make modules_install.  The kernel and module builds
gave no errors.  I see the dependency error when I try to use a sound
device.  If I try to run xmix, for instance, I get the dependency error.
When I run depmod -a, I get a listing of all my modules, all with
unresolved symbols.  Do you suspect it is the build?  I could try to build
2.0.33 or 2.0.32 I guess.  On my 2 other machines I have Sounblaster 16
PnP running with no problems.

Thanks for your help!


Ian Setford                                      ians@jove.acs.unt.edu

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