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Re: Is anacron right for me?

*-Shaleh ( 1 Jul)
| Anacron does a more fuzzy time check.  It does not give precision of
| "has it been one hour".  It will insure that cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}
| are run though.  For you, I do not see the gain of anacron UNLESS your
| machine is never on at the same times.  Normal cron only runs at say
| 1am, where anacron will say "it has been >= one day, I need to run
| cron.daily".  So if your machines frequently miss cron.daily's run, then
| yes anacron is right for you.  Other wise if it is just a case of your
| machines missing a day or thee, that is not a problem.  If no logs are
| created, there are none to rotate.

Does anacron continually check the elapsed time or does it only check
when it is first started?  None of the documentation was very clear on
this issue.  If it continually checks(like cron) then this is ideal. 
If it only checks when first started then anacron can only be
successful on a machine that is rebooted at least once a week.

Still a little fuzzy,

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