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Re: Iomega ZIP Drive(100Meg)

On Wed, Jul 01, 1998 at 11:38:06AM -0700, Syed Huq wrote:
> I have a Iomega ZIP Drive(100Meg, parallel port). How do I make
> Linux see all the files there ?
> Do I need to mount that drive somehow ? Can you tell me the commands
> to use ?

This really belongs in debian-user, so the To: header has been altered

You have to mount the thing, yes.  You need a kernel with the zip parallel
module in it.  Agh, where's a 2.0.x source tree when I need one?  (I run
2.1.x myself)  The driver is under the SCSI options, it's the ppa driver. 
According to the old unmaintained Zip howto, you couldn't have the ppa
driver and the parport driver installed at the same time.  I'm certain this
has changed now, so you'll have to play with it.

Note that the Zip disks are formatted with one partition on /dev/sda4
(assuming you don't have another SCSI card else you'd be using it now and
you'd not be asking about the ppa driver..) however most people just mke2fs
/dev/sda and call it good.  The DOS driver will thereafter probably not like
the disk, but.  You can repartition the disk with [c]fdisk if you wish, but
I don't know what that would do to the DOS driver either.  (Though I'm eager
to try it when I get a new SCSI cable--thanks bdale!)

Upon getting this thing working again, I am looking at putting together a
Zip rescue disk and package to create same probably from both a group of
.debs and an installed system and a few other things..  There are holes
still in doing it, sooo...

I'm also considering other Zip-related packages and an update of the howto
as soon as I can get current information to update it with...  <g>

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