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Re: How to clear screen before login prompt

On Tue, Jun 30, 1998 at 09:57:41PM -0500, the lone gunman wrote:
> > I was trying to do a clear screen after I logout from the console before the login 
> > prompt appears.
> > 
> > Any idea how this can be done? I tried some escape sequence but doesn't 
> > work.
> > 
> > TIA.
> Many folks suggested adding the clear command to you ~/.bash_profile.
> Such a meathod is probably a bit more elegant, but my cheap hackish
> way of accomplishing what you want is aliasing "clear && exit" to the
> word "bye" -- or whatever you want.

How about this:

cp /etc/issue /etc/issue.sav
cat `clear` /etc/issue.sav > /etc/issue

This will make the prompt always clear the screen as it does in both Redhat
and Slackware.  Note that the way the linuxlogo package works, this would
break it.  HOWEVER, if you REALLY want to use a text based logo in your
login prompt, there ARE other wasy to do it.  See man 5 issue for details. 
That or you can install linuxlogo and then just alter the file by hand or
delete the clear and repeat the above process.  Clear is for console
^[[H^[[J -- seems the ANSI ^[[2J doesn't work in Linux console.  Note ^[ is
a real escape.  If you can type this in your editor with a meta command or
something (I can) you needn't do the above.

> Seems Linux always has several ways of accomplishing one task.

Yes indeed!  This is the way that seems to do the best for me really. 
Here's my /etc/issue file with escapes converted to <'s..


Debian GNU/\s (slink) \m kernel \r  <[34;1m\l<[0m


This results in a very clean...


Debian GNU/Linux (slink) i486 kernel 2.1.105  tty2

icarus2 login: _

with ttyX standing out in a nice bright blue color..

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