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Re: xhost

>> "GL" == 44 1785 248131 <Graham> writes:

GL> I am trying to configure my debian 1.3.1 box to allow me to run X
GL> programs from 
GL> the root account when I am logged in as another user, this is because
GL> the root

GL> Also I have root's profile script set to export the DISPLAY environment
GL> variable when I do a 'su -' but does it matter if this is set if I am
GL> not in X
GL> but just using the console or telnet?  If it does then how can I get
GL> it to only
GL> be set when I 'su -' from within X?

ssh will do all the magic necessary. And it will encript and compress the
traffic, so it is secure as well.

Just install the package.


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