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Re: man pages problem

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, Jim Harsh wrote:

> At 02:49 PM 6/22/98 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> <snip>
> >tried to reinstall. I get an error when dslect is tring to get
> >man-db_2.3.10-64.deb from 
> >dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/doc stating that "No such file or dircetory."
> >
> I found man-db_2.3.10-65.deb on ftp.debian.org and it installed fine.
> Why is dselect looking for a package that is not on the ftp site?
> Do I have to do something to update the list dselect references?

Sometimes the Packages files are either ahead of or behind the files
actually on the mirrors.  This morning I had a similar problem with xnft75
and xfnt199. 


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