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Re: Please clarify...

Neil Cheshire <ncheshire@hotmail.com> writes:
NC> Could someone please clarify for me about all the Debian
NC> releases. I currently run Debian 1.3 which is bo , right? I
NC> haven't really done much to my system so was going to reinstall
NC> with Debian 2.0 which is hamm , ok so far?

All good so far.  :-)

NC> So what is slink? Is this what is coming out in June, ie. a 
NC> stable hamm? Will that be 2.1 or is that coming later?

hamm is Debian 2.0, which will be released Real Soon Now (TM).  slink
is Debian 2.1, which will be released sometime later.

NC> Should I really wait for the stable release? Seeing as I am not 
NC> desperate to upgrade?

It depends on whether you care about the last few little bugs.  In my
experience, hamm (and even slink) have been pretty stable so far.

NC> 1.2 rex
NC> 1.3 bo
NC> 2.0 hamm....?
    2.1 slink

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