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Re: Compiling with gcc

On Tue, Jun 16, 1998 at 12:44:07AM -0700, Mark Yobb wrote:
> When I went to compile (gcc prog.C) I got the error message:

Please use the appropriate compiler driver (for bo it doesn't really matter,
for hamm it matters a lot). In the case of C++, that's `g++'. (For hamm,
`g++' comes in a package of its own, appropriately called `g++'; that
package has proper dependencies to ensure you'll install the C++ libraries

> The compiler is not finding the library files.

The `g++' compiler driver will add the necessary directories to the include
path and will link your program with the standard C++ library.

> Also note that I did this as the root.

There is no reason to compile as root. In general, do not use the root
account for stuff you can do as a regular user (reading mail, news,
compiling packages, etc.).

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