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Need artistic type to create a Debian ad for LJ (fwd)

If you want to help Debian, but don't feel comfortable
maintaining a package, this is your chance.

In making enquiries to LJ about the cost of advertising,
Debian was given an offer of 2 one-half page ads if
we do some work on some Linux docs that the LJ is
maintaining. This is an opportunity we shouldn't
let pass - advertising is expensive and a good ad
could really help get us the recognition we deserve.

We are looking for a person, or a group of people,
who are willing to work on the ad. If you can help with
this in any way, please write to me, or preferably, subscribe
to debian-publicity and tell us what you can do.

If you have some time to do some work on the documentation
(it should be a one shot deal), contact Igor Grobman
<igor@debian.org> to help out.

Jay Treacy  <treacy@debian.org>

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