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Re: xkoules locked my system

On Mon, Jun 15, 1998 at 10:04:51AM -0400, Tom Malloy wrote:
> I just tried to play a game I have on my system, which is part of the
> distribution, called xkoules.  I had never used it before.  While some
> text was scrolling in the game window I clicked my mouse on it.  My system
> just  froze.  I had a blank screen.  I could not exit X with
> ctrl-alt-backspace.  I could not change to a different virtual terminal
> with cntrl-alt-f2.  I could not reboot with cntrl-alt-delete. I had to
> turn the power off and restart the machine.  
> Then I went back into x  and tried to repeat what had happened with no
> other applications running.  The exact same thing occured.

This sounds bad. What version of koules are you running? What state is your
system (Debian 1.3, 2.0 or what). What Xserver do you use?

dpkg -s xkoules

will tell you the version of xkoules.

> Is this a known problem?

It did run fine on my system, where I think I build the last version
(a non-maintainer release).

> Is there any file on my system that might help
> explain what happened?  Any explanations are welcome.  Thanks

Please provide additional information. It is not easy to make a judgement so

I'll test it, too, but first I end all my open editor sessions :)


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