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Re: HELP: w/ grep on a log file.

     THank for looking into this everyone. Turns out that the sed is not 
     necessary. The date "+ %a %b %d" statement needs to be modified! I 
     really need to get my shit together. The correct statement is 
     date "+%a %b %d" where the space between the + and the %a needs to be 
     So the actuall statement could look something like:
     grep "$(date "+%a %b %e")" arch.log
     I am using the %e instead of the %d to strip the leading "0" from a 
     day such as ( 01 - 09).
     Every one - thank you for your time with my issue. It is very 
     reasuring to know that when the manual does not have the answers, that 
     many times our user group does.

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Subject: Re: HELP: w/ grep on a log file.
Author:  jhspies(p)Johann(a)alpha.futurenet.co.za at INTERNET
Date:    6/13/98 4:50 AM

Sorry if this bores you, but I have never used sed before and after 
reading this discussion I checked the man page for sed.
What I would like to know is the following:
On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Steve Mayer wrote:
>   Try grep "`date \"+ %a %b %d\" | sed 's/ //'`" arch.log
              ^                                 ^
> dave oswald wrote:
> > grep echo  \"`date "+ %a %b %d" | sed 's/ //'`\" arch.log
                 ^                               ^  
What is the meaning of the ` before date and after //'? 
What was wrong with dave oswald's effort? 
Why wouldn't 
grep \"`date "+ %a %b %d" | sed 's/ //'`\" arch.log
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