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Re: Linux install problem

Shanta McBain wrote:
> Hi
> I have a HD 350 meg Caviar 2340. I cannot change the partitions. Fdisk
> says that there are two partition The dos primary and a extended
> secondary. It reports that there are logical partitions on the
> secondary. Cant delete the secondary partition as the logical partitions
> exist. likely the linux primary and swap. It will not delete them as
> delete partitions dose not see the partitions.
> Is there a linux tool that will fix the problem?
> Thanks Shanta

	Fdisk can delete the logical partitions, but its a separate option (delete
logical vs. delete primary).  Try DOS's fdisk again, and delete the logical
partitions first, then delete the extended partition (DOS won't let you
delete an extended partition untill all logical partitions in it are
deleted).  For the Linux partitions, use cfdisk to create them, not DOS's


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