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Re: swaping - raid

On 14 Jun 1998, Deniz Dogan wrote:

: Hi,
: To use kernel`s raid0 support for swap partitions, I added
: these two lines to /etc/fstab
: /dev/hdc2	none		swap	sw		0	0
: /dev/hda1	none		swap	sw		0	0
: But boot messages says these partitions have different priorities
: (-1 and -2).
: Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Yes.  Using RAID0 on swap partitions is more or less a waste of time,
since the kernel supports round robin swapping.  You need to add a
"pri=<number>" to the options field in /etc/fstab.

On one of my systems the swap partitions are described thusly:
/dev/sdb7	none	swap	sw,pri=1
/dev/sda7	none	swap	sw,pri=1

As long as the priorities are the same, round robin swapping will occur.
User assigned priorities have a "non-negative" value, according to `man
2 swapon'.  It looks like the priority field is a signed integer, so you
have over 32000 values to play with for user assigned swap areas :)


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