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Re: Unidentified subject!

On 06/11/98 at 07:16 PM, Ed Cogburn <ecogburn@greene.xtn.net> said:

>forest wrote:
>> I've installed Debian 1.3 but can't run many commands, including man. Why?

>	You need to tell us what error messages the system says when you try
>to run these commands.  IIRC, the manpages and man-db packages are not
>by default installed unless you select them (Can somebody who has
>recently installed bo confirm this?).  Try running 'dpkg --status
>man-db'.  If it says 'not installed' on the 'Status' line then you
>haven't installed it.  If man-db is installed, then let us see what the
>error messages are (from the man command).

Well, you know the answer.... it depends.  If installed from
floppies(and the rest of the distribution isn't available), a bunch is
left out(that is the status on my dx4-100).  If installed from CD,
dselect runs after the reboot with the manpages selected for install.


A computer virus can be said to either 1) trash your hard drive, 2) lock
up your computer, or 3) slow down your computer over time.

Sounds like windows to me.

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