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Re: CD-rom and ZIP

Ian Stuart wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Marc van der Vossen wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > A big thanks to all who have responded to my questions. I can now mount
> > every thing I want. Is there an automatic mounter ? If I would like to mount
> > three things, what should they be called? I know /mnt, but that is only one
> > out of three. These are the things to be mounted:
> > hda5: misc
> > hdc4. Zip
> > hdd4: Cd-rom
> What do you mean by "Automatic Mounter"?
> As several people have said, putting an entry in fstab will mount the
> various devices at boot, however you won't be able to change the media
> without unmounting the device first.
> A guy called Steven Tweedy (sp?) wrote a patch for the kernel source code
> called Supermount (latest version is 0.6).  This will detect the
> change-line in both floppies & CD-Roms (no idea about zip-drives) and
> remount the device if the media is changed - like MessDos and MickyOs
>      ----** Ian Stuart

	I think the next kernel will have an automount feature in it.  I've seen a
kernel config option for automounting in the 2.1.105 'make menuconfig'.  It
works in conjunction with the 'autofs' package.  I'm not using 2.1.105 so I
can't say how well it works.


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