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Re: CD-rom and ZIP

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Marc van der Vossen wrote:

> Hi,
> A big thanks to all who have responded to my questions. I can now mount
> every thing I want. Is there an automatic mounter ? If I would like to mount
> three things, what should they be called? I know /mnt, but that is only one
> out of three. These are the things to be mounted:
> hda5: misc
> hdc4. Zip
> hdd4: Cd-rom
What do you mean by "Automatic Mounter"?

As several people have said, putting an entry in fstab will mount the
various devices at boot, however you won't be able to change the media
without unmounting the device first.

A guy called Steven Tweedy (sp?) wrote a patch for the kernel source code
called Supermount (latest version is 0.6).  This will detect the
change-line in both floppies & CD-Roms (no idea about zip-drives) and
remount the device if the media is changed - like MessDos and MickyOs

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