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Re: x-window

>    I have installed Debian version of Linux on my PC as a dual boot
> WIN95/Linux system. I tried installing x-windows and I have a video
> problem. I set up the mouse, keyboard, moniter, and video card correctly
> but the screen comes up all fuzzy, wavey lines, etc. My video chipset
> and moniter are compatible with Linux. I contacted the maufacturers with
> this problem and they told me to contact "Debian". My moniter and video
> card infomation is:
>  AT&T CRT-329D moniter, 60Hz, highest resolution: 800 by 600 pixels
>  Oak Tech OTI-037 video card
>    I am a user that is fluent in WIN95 and MSDOS but in Linux I am not
> very familier. I am learning this new operating system mainly because to
> power that it holds as well as other factors. Please help me with this
> issue. Thank you...........

I would suggest tweaking you refresh rates in the XF86Config file found
in /etc/X11/XF86Config.

That helped me.

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