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Re: Newbie Install - Serial port and PPP does not work

Hi All,

We can close this thread.  PPP works now.   Thanks for all those who jumped
in to help me.  I really like the response time of this list.  First
response from Shaleh was in ten minutes.  WOW!!

Here is the scoop.   I un-installed PPP package and installed it again.  It
still did not work.  I was doing all the right things (I thought).
chatscript was correct so was the options file.  But there was operator
error.  /dev/ttyS1 in options file was in lower case.  I know that  I did
not put that in there.  Yes I did read the faq-o-matic and it tells you to
watch out for case but I was focussed on the other file in ppp directory
called  optionsttySXX.  And I did not see any reference to the port in that
file except the file name.  The comment inside that file says that I should
rename that file for my serial port to optionttyS1 and edit it to put my
hostname.    I had done that.  I do not have the system in front of me so I
may have the file name wrong.  Once I renamed that file back, everything
started working.  What is that file anyway?  Is it for people who would
dial in to my machine using PPP?

Thanks Again,


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