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dselect ftp problem - the solution

Many thanks - Norbert in particular

Changing the options file to initiate ppp on the ISP machine - I just
inserted the line
$      ppp
to the options file and it worked perfectly.

As an experiment and to ensure that all my "playing" didn't upset anything
else I restarted the installation using the recovery disc except that
immediately prior to selecting the access method when prompted by dselect I
started another shell, logged as root and edited the ppp files.  I then
initiated the connection using pon and staying logged on in the second
shell ( is this necessary ??? ) reverted to the shell running dselect and
selected ftp etc...

My, my, my ... ain't this world wonderful - a long, long time later the
entire default Debian default selection of files was downloaded and my
Debian GNU Linux system is now reasonably functional - now to download some
software to make it do things !!

Many thanks once more to those people who replied - the problem was easily
solved once given some experienced guidance !!!

I look forward to learning much, much more and repaying your effort by,
sometime in the future, assisting another "newbie"


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