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Re: Diamond Stealth 3D 3000 problems

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, E.L. Meijer (Eric) wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some problems with X running on a bo system, with a Diamond
> Stealth 3D 3000 series video card (4MB memory).
> The PC used to run a bo system (1.3.1) and worked OK.  Then the hard
> disk broke down, and problems with memory were also suspected.  The hard
> disk was replaced and the memory too.  The machine now contains 64 MB
> EDO ram instead of 32 MB before the revision.
> I reinstalled debian 1.3.1, using the XF86_S3V server.  I am using xdm
> to login.  Every so many times the machine hangs when terminating the
> xsession.  The screen gets a single color, it seems to have a preference
> for green or purple.  When this happens, it is impossible to login via
> the network as well.  Time to find the reset button :(
> Does this seem familiar to anyone?  Any options I could try?  I got the
> 3.3-4 version of the xserver by ftp, but it doesn't seem to make a
> different.  Is there a bo version of the more recent
> xserver-s3v_3.3.2.1-1.deb, which exists for hamm?
> Any comments appreciated,
> Eric Meijer

Ok, this is for all fellow Diamond users. I have a Diamond Permedia 2 8mb
AGP card and because of this XFree86 3.3.2 does not support my card. (No
Diamond cards are currently supported). Therefore, you dont just need the
s3v server but you need a special accelerated server. I'm not talking
about AccelX either. I'm currently running the S.u.S.E. Elsa_GLoria server
and it works great. It adds support for many Diamond cards along with
others. It is based off XFree86 3.3.2 code so there wont be any changes
like with AccelX. Not to mention it's completely free. Follow the links to
the X page from http://www.suse.com/. I hope this helps clear things up
for you and other Diamond users.

Brian Weiss (fudd@efnet)

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