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Re: Re[6]: pop3 mail problem

On Tue, 09 Jun 1998 09:36:04 -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:

>    Well, that depends.  I'm not sure if cucipop impliments the nonstandard
>POP send protocol.  I do believe that is proprietary to qpopper and not part
>of the formal RFC.  Of course, I don't have them handy to confirm, so take
>that all with a mild grain of salt.

    Just wanted to say that cucipop does not support pop sends.  Just tried
it and it returned:

Tue, 09 Jun 98 09:41:06 ==> -ERR Invalid command, try one of: STAT, LIST
[msg], RETR msg, TOP msg n, DELE msg, UIDL [msg], NOOP, RSET, QUIT ; Your
server, while it is a POP3 server, does not support sending.

    I think the last part pretty much sums it up.  ;)

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