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Re[6]: pop3 mail problem

Thus spake "Steve Lamb" <morpheus@calweb.com> :
> On Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:38:04 -0500 (EST), Michael Roark wrote:
> >I saw another list member post that we should stay away from qpopper.
> I
> >haven't heard anything - either good or bad. Do you know what the
> >problem is with that daemon. My Debian machine is serving 600 or so
> >dial-up connections for mail (coming and going) and authentication.
> If I
> >need to switch for more reliable performance I need to know. Any
> ideas?
>     It is just personal bias on my part against qpopper because of one
> glaring oversight they made.  In the non-standard (IIRC) pop send
> feature,
> which I do use from time to time, they properly accept an escaped
> \n.\n
> string.  EG, they take \n..\n and strip it to the proper \n.\n string.
>  The
> problem is, when they pass it on to the SMTP server they forget to
> escape it
> again so any message which contains a dot on a line by itself will end
> prematurely.  
>     To me that is unforgivable and calls into question what other
> glaring
> errors are lurking just below the surface. 

Well, that explains some things. I have been getting the following
errors _alot_:

collect: premature EOM: connection reset by dial31.planters.net

collect: I/O error on connection from dial31.planters.net

One follows the other without fail. Should I try cucipop instead?



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