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Re: Wildcards

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998 timothy@smasher.rs.itd.umich.edu wrote:

: One last question! :).
:         If I want to keep a particular directory, and all files and
: subdirectories completly private to my user, how do I do apply the
: suggested filters to this? (If I do chmod 600 * -R or something, it will set all
: the files correctly, but then since the directories don't have the execute bit,
: my user can't enter subdirectories). So I want to do 'chmod 600 <all files>'
: then 'chmod 700 <all directories>'?
:         I tried find . -type d -print | chmod 700, but it didn't work. :(.

That's because you didn't tell it what to do.  In the above you could
place the command `xargs' after the pipe, and it would work.  Or, you
could use the "-exec" option of find.

However, there are better ways of doing what you want to do.  `chmod -R
go-awx *' comes to mind.  Or, `chmod -R u+rwX /home/dir'.  Manpages are
your friend, read the man pages for find and chmod.  It may take a few
reads before it sinks in.

It you're new to UNIX I recommend purchasing a book onUNIX
administration.  The Armadillo book by AEleen Frisch is excellent
(O'Reilly & Associates)

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