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Re: How do I - Directory manipulation

On Sun, Jun 07, 1998 at 10:36:08AM +0000, lanceh@ibm.net wrote:
> AFter using emacs some mysterious directories have appeared that I cannot remove
> #this dir# How do I get rid of these?

rm \#this\ dir\#

would escape the special characters. There are other solutions to escape
characters from the shell, for example, using quotes.
> I downloaded a file using lynx and now cannot find it.  I tried 'find' but could not use
> woldcards.  Is there a program similar to 'whereis' that will allow me to use wildcards and
> search all directories and subdirectories?

Sure you can use wildcards.

* find / -name "a*" -print

will find all files beginning with an "a".

>From the man page:
       -name pattern
              Base of file name (the path with the leading direc­
              tories removed) matches shell pattern pattern.  The
              metacharacters  (`*', `?', and `[]') do not match a
              `.' at the start of the base  name.   To  ignore  a
              directory  and  the files under it, use -prune; see
              an example in the description of -path.

* locate abc

Will locate all files that have abc in the path+filename.

And if you really don't know:

* find / | grep reg-exp -

Will let you use a regular expression.

Please try "man find" and "man locate" and "man grep" for details.

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