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Re: Building Kernel for Sound

On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Doug Thistlethwaite wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a soundblaster card I wanted to get working under my bo system.
> My system is currently running 2.0.33 so I downloaded the source so I
> could make a version with the sound blaster support.
> Here is what I did
> 1. make menuconfig - go through list and remove all the stuff that
> sounds like I don't need it.
> 2. make dep
> 3. make clean
> 4. make zImage - This errors out because of the kernel size.
> 5. make gzImage - Readme file says to do this if above didn't work

Do you mean "gzImage"?  Shouldn't this be "bzImage"?

> 6. make modules
> 7. make modules_install
> 8. copy new kernel to /boot and make symbolic link to /linuz
> 9. run sbin/lilo - This errors out saying the kernel is to big!
> The kernel size is about 1.4M where the one I downloaded during my
> initial install is only ~600K.  Why is mine so much bigger? The last try
> I gutted everything that didn't seem to be required...  Am I doing
> anything wrong in my process above?

I wouldn't think that 'make gzImage' would do anything at all, but
apparently it made an uncompressed kernel.  Try 'make bzImage'.

An easy way to do all this with Debian is to use 'make-kpkg', which is in
kernel-package.  This compiles the kernel and creates a .deb package.
When you install this with dpkg, it puts everything where a Debian system
expects it and runs lilo. 


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