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Help with multi-boot please.


Can anyone help me?

I have installed (mostly) Linux on to my secondary hard drive (d:). I have NT4 sitting on the first partition of my primary (c:) and win95 sitting on the second partition of my primary (e:). There is also a third partition of my primary (f:) which I use for deep store. All file systems are FAT.

I have a multiboot set up which allows me to choose between NT and 95. 

When I finished (alomost) setting up Linux, I got the following error message:

"Currently it is impossible to boot from the second harddisk. Please boot using rescue disk method and configure LILO manually."

Note: When I set up Linux I partitioned d: into two (normal and swap.).

I can boot to the Boot disk happily.

How do I get it to boot to my second hard drive? How do I set up the multiboot?

Many thanks.

Ed Egan.

So I tried booting with the rescue but couldn't find any refernce to LILO.

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