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Re: Help! Major crash in Hamm upgrade!

Back again.  I've tried a few more things and thought I should report what
I've found.  (In case you didn't read my earlier email - I've had a major
crash while attempting to upgrade to hamm.)

I have managed to boot under a rescue disc (I think it's a bo one).  I
copied e2fsck from my brother's computer (he runs debian 1.2 I think).  I
ran e2fsck on my /dev/hda1 and eventually that seemed to fix my disk.

I then manually mounted /dev/hda1 at /mnt and everything seems still to be

I then tried to reinstall lilo.  I did this by copying my brother's
version of lilo onto a floppy, modifying lilo.conf to take into account
the fact that things were at /mnt/boot/.... rather than /boot/.... and so
on.  Then I ran lilo, but it complained:

LILO Version 19.....
Reading boot sector from /dev/hda
Merging with /mnt/boot/boot.b
First boot sector is version 20.  Expecting version 18.

So this didn't work - probably because my brother has an old version of

Anyway, I then tried a custom boot disk I had.  It managed to boot -sort
of.  It complained halfway through about not being able to run
/etc/init.d/boot or something like that.  Then later it complained about
there not being a /proc directory.  Eventually I did get a login prompt,
but I couldn't login.  It seemed to have booted, but in a pretty broken
state.  (As a result I had to take it down without syncing - meaning I
will probably have to run e2fsck again).

So the stuff is still there, but in a pretty broken state.  How do I
recover?  Help me someone!  This is the worst crash I've had with Debian
(probably my own fault though.)

Thanks in advance,


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