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Re: Smail spam-prevention filter?

More info:

Sure enough, there was a later version on the web site, 
taking me from v3.2 to  :^>

So I installed the package, and tried the smtp_remote_allow
in the config file, as mentioned for smail 3.2. No such luck,
it doesn't know that configuration option.

*IF* that configuration option is possible under the smail
compiled under Libc6, then when the entire box is upgraded
maybe it will work. But for now, I seem stuck unless someone
has some magic tcp wrappers or smail configuration lines that
will do what smtp_remote_allow (or "-smtp_remote_allow") is
supposed to do.


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>From jim@jimpick.com  Thu May 28 12:07:59 1998
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Subject: Re: Smail spam-prevention filter?
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Curt Howland <howland@nsipo.nasa.gov> writes:

> I obviously don't have my smail filter configured correctly,
> as last night I had to pull the ethernet plug from my Debian
> machine running smail to stop many thousands of spam emails
> using my machine as a remailer.
> My question is: Preventing incoming mail "To:" anything other
> than the local machine, and "From:" anything but the local 
> machine would seem a standard form of security filter for
> smail.
> Does anyone know of such a standard rules entry?
> I don't know what list to send this to, if "security" is
> not a good place, I will try the "users" list.

Here's a good link:


It says:

  Smail Version 3

    Status:  Freely Available
    Systems: Unix
    Info:    http://www.sbay.org/smail-faq.html

   smail version 3.2 has support to block unauthorized relay. This is
   enabled by defining the smtp_remote_allow parameter in your config
   file. Set it to the list of local IP address ranges from which
   unrestricted relay is allowed. All other hosts will be refused.

   Smail version 3.1 is vulnerable to relay. It also has some well-known
   security problems. Please upgrade to either version 3.2 or exim.


 - Jim

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