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Re: HELP! Installing Packages From Another Drive...


	Where do you find the options, ie. nonumtail, user, rw, exec, for the
fstab file? I have looked in (man)fstab, mount, mfstab, etc, but have been
unable to find anything. 

	What I am really interested in is the "nonumtail" meaning. I think I
can figure out the user, read/write/exec, but could not find what the meaning
is for that option, nonumtail.

	Let me know what it means or where I can find the meaning. Thanks in

Harry Tuttle

On Tue, May 26, 1998 at 09:56:22PM +0200, Chris Zander wrote:

> # <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>
> /dev/hda5   /      ext2   defaults    0       1
> /dev/hdb2   none   swap   sw          0       0
> proc        /proc  proc   defaults    0       0
> /dev/hda6   /usr   ext2   defaults    0       2
> /dev/hdb1   /var   ext2   defaults    0       2
> /dev/hda1   /win95     vfat   nonumtail,user,rw,exec
> /dev/hda7   /cdimage   ext2   user,noauto
> /dev/hda8   /winmedia  vfat   nonumtail,user,rw,exec
> /dev/hdb3   /wingames  vfat   nonumtail,user,rw,exec
> /dev/hdb4   /windata   vfat   nonumtail,user,rw,exec
> /dev/hdc    /cdrom     iso9660  user,ro,nonumtail,noauto
> /dev/sr0    /cdwriter  iso9660  user,ro,nonumtail,noauto

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