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re DDS2 -tape backup

I may have the same tape drive as you.  I find an IBM (made my archive
corp) DDS2 scsi tape drive at a ham radio flea market for $10.  It works
fine thou it is slower than a QIC drive (but holds lots more).  I am using
tar.  To put more than one backup on a tape use the /dev/nst0 device (no
rewind when done).  To move from one backup set to another use the mt
commands EOF and EOT I think.  The mt rewind and eject commands work with
this drive.  If you try to erase the tape, be prepared to wait about 2-3
hours!!!!  I just use a video tape bulk tape eraser!  I need to write some
shell scripts to handle the tape drive, ie: making directories and such.
If you put several backup sets on a tape and then had to use tar and mt to
find a specific file, it would take quite some time to run DDS is slow.
But how else can you get 4GB on a $5 tape cassette?

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