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Re: System.map


	Certain commands, like klog, ps, and lsof, use the System.map
 file to get the name of kernel symbols. make-kpkg ensure that a
 System.map file is placed where things can find it.


>>"Chris" == Chris  <chris@ormond.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

 Chris> I was wondering if somebody could give me an idea of what the
 Chris> System.map file is for?  I've allways compiled my own kernels,
 Chris> and never had to worry about this file (never had any
 Chris> problems).  However I tried to use the command lsof, and it
 Chris> complains that it can't find a System.map file to match my
 Chris> currently booted kernel.

 Chris> What does this mean - and how can it be rectified?  I've looked through
 Chris> the docs and it doesn't appear to be mentioned.

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