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Re: newsgroup, instead of mail list?

> SL> Uhm, I beg to differ.  On a newsgroup with moderate traffic (50-60
> SL> messages/day) the amount of data transfered to read what I want to
> SL> read is less than if it were a mailing list.  The difference is, a
> SL> mailing list, all message bodies are transfered.  With a newsgroup
> SL> only the bodies of the messages read are transfered.
> Which newsreader for Linux do you use that offers this functionality (get
> the headers, disconnect, select postings, reconnect, get the messages
> selected)?  Is it packaged for debian?

While not the author of the original letter...

News Peruser allows this, AFAIK not available as a .deb package.
It's a bit klunky and still pretty heavily mouse-reliant but I keep
hoping for more keyboard shortcuts... Still, I don't read very much 
news from home so I don't feel too constrained...
Available at http://www.wwdc.com/~jbailie/peruser.html

There's also [x]skim which I don't know to much about as it didn't work
with my ISPs news server...  no .deb AFAIK.
Available via http://www.xnet.com/~blatura/linapp4.html#inet

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