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Re: Kernel reboots at startup


> On my intel p100 when I try to boot the resq1440.bin I get a quick screen
> of pci error messages and then an instant reboot.
> The motherboard is Intel-Triton TX. Award bios v.4.51PG

This is a problem with some revisions of TX chipsets

The solution:

On the file /usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.<version>/drivers/char/keyboard.c

Look at the lines with the following:

 * On non-x86 hardware we do a full keyboard controller
 * initialization, in case the bootup software hasn't done
 * it. On a x86, the BIOS will already have initialized the
 * keyboard.
#ifndef __i386__
#define INIT_KBD
static int initialize_kbd(void);

And comment the lines with #ifndef and #endif:

/* #ifndef __i386__ */
#define INIT_KBD
static int initialize_kbd(void);
/* #endif */

compile the kernel with the fetures listed in the rescue disk (viewable
from DOS/Win) and follow the instructions to update the loader of the
rescue disk

This will solve your problem


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