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Re: dselect oddities

On 17 May 1998 18:37:35 -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>Steve> On Sun, May 17, 1998 at 05:07:12PM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>>> Steve, I think you misunderstand what "stable", "unstable" etc are.
>Steve> No, I am not.  I am well aware of it means.

>	I think not. Unstable means "expect glitches".

    Manoj, if I didn't know WTF it meant why the hell do you think I wanted
to selectively upgrade into it?  

>	Well, yes and no. You could move to slink, and hold every
> package there is. Then you get to choose what to upgrade. I do ot
> understand why this is so hard.

    As I've stated, each time I add a new package or, and we'll find out here
shortly enough, put one off hold and upgrade I need to reset all the packages
back to hold.  It is keystrokes that are not needed when a simple option to
change the default behavior is clear.  I don't understand why grasping that
simple concept is so hard.

>Steve> According to whose standards?  To me dselect is far easier
>Steve> because I don't have to wade through ~50 command line switches.

>	Well. Either you look at the help (and it is way less than 50
> options), or you hire people to help. I'll offer you a 50%
> discount since you use Debian, and I like Debian. That comes to umm,
> around $125/hour.

    Or I use the tools which are presented and make suggestions to their
improvement.  I wouldn't pay you $1.25 an hour, and that is assuming a 50%
bonus.  Want to know why?  You don't read and try to understand what the
person is saying.

>	You either learn to use your tools, or you pay people to let
> you use 'em. The free lunch with Linux ends at the learning curve.

    Or you make suggestions as to the improvement of said tools that will
benefit everyone.  Or don't you want suggestions now?

>	People only say that when you have raised their hackles. I
> confess you have raised mine. See, either you do it yourself. Or you
> pay to have it done. Or you have to be polite. 

    And I have been polite until now.  So get off your high horse, Manoj.

>	I mean, what's in it for me, anyway? Why do developers have to
> deal with people when the interaction is less than pleasant? 

    I posted a challenge to you.  Go back to my original 1 sentence message
and describe how I was rude.  I wasn't.  Until then I have been reactionary
in my tone.  Think about it.

>	Slink is unstable. Deal with it. It shall be fixed eventually.

    I am dealing with it by making an observation and suggestion on how
dselect can be improved to allow easier use.  In fact, I've made TWO of them
in the course of this thread, you did see both of them, right?  One of which
would be trivial to impliment, the other would be nominal and would make
dselect's selection process damn near perfect.

>	Seems to me that Slackware fits your needs way better than
> Debian. 

    Maybe.  But I got tired of doing tarballs.  I've said that as well.

>	Oh, not hard to understand at all. But we ain't convinced
> enough to do anything about it ourselves. Have you filed a wishlist
> bug yet?

    Why?  At this point I know the developers are aware of it and either
they're going to do something about it or they aren't.  Such a wishlist with
my name on it will make no difference on way or the other.

    Besides, that comes back down to you thinking I have demanded something
when I have not.

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