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Re: dselect oddities

On 16 May 1998 00:20:33 -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>	Now, you have to mark packages you want to upgrade. Tell me
> again, how reversing the default would be any different?

    I add a new package.  All of a sudden I have to mark that package (or
section) for hold again.  I add another package, I have to mark it again.  I
add another package, I must, again, mark it held.

    That is not two operations.

> show any possible means where you do not have to mark packages for
> upgrade? (In the current method, you have to mark packages to hold
> them; I shpowed how to reverse the default in two ops).

    Not two operations.  Two operations for the current set of packages.

>Steve> It seems to me that both behaviors are valid depending on the
>Steve> individual behind the keyboard and both should be an option,
>Steve> not forcing people who don't want to upgrade to constantly have
>Steve> to mark packages as held.  Don't you agree?

>	Two ops get you the reverse default already. And, anyway, as I
> said, the authors shall gladly accept valid patches.

    Too bad I can't program, huh?

>	I do not understand your reluctance to explicitly hold all new
> and upgraded packages, which is doable right now, and should
> solve your problem.

>	I asl again: wheres the beef?

    I have stated why it is different above and where the beef is, that
you're asking me to put up with something you have stated, clearly, you would
not if the reverse were true.

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