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Re: routing question

>>>>> "i" == ian  <ian@twist.lucidity.org> writes:
i> I think I am having a routing problem which is responsible for
i> "corrupting" my ISDN connection intermittently.  I have ISDN with an

i> routed directly to the router.  My current set-up is working but I feel
i> like something is wrong so I thought I'd post here and let the network
i> guru's look at it.
i> Can anybody tell if my routes are messed up?  What should they be?

i> Any info is greatly appreciated.  I can provide any other relevant info if
i> you need it to help diagnose anything!

Please do so. You could tell us *what* problems you have. What makes you
"feel" something is wrong? How is the connection "corrupted"? What makes
you think your routes are messed up.


BTW: Your setup looks OK.

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