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sound utilities, /usr/X11R6/bin/au

	Sorry to keep pestering the list with my sound questions.  I thought it
would be better to send each one as separate message rather than dump only
loosely related questions under one subject header.

	After having enabled sound in the kernel, I went into dselect and
installed a number of sound utilities in order to play around and see what
the various packages did and which ones might be of interest to me.  Now
when I boot, I get a process named /usr/X11R6/bin/au running all the time. 
This is a slink to auvoxware.  This ties up the sound devices in /dev so
that if as a user I want to do something that uses sound, I can't because
the device is busy.

	Does anyone know what auvoxware does and to which package it belongs
?  I couldn't find a man page for either au or auvoxware.  I went back to
dselect, but couldn't find any mention of au or auvoxware in the sound
package descriptions so I don't know which one to potentially remove from my

	Thanks once again,


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