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lilo on serial line (was: Re: how to set up headless machine?)


Jack Kern (jkern@klis.com):
> I'm not sure I understand what is required but the lilo doc,
> Manual.txt.gz, in the "Global" options section
> (/usr/doc/lilo/Manual.txt.gz) seems to have a relevant passage:
>   SERIAL=<parameters>  enables control from a serial line. The specified
>   serial port is initialized and LILO is accepting input from it and from
>   ...

Did anybody get this running propperly? I added serial=1,9600n8 to my
lilo.conf and on reboot I got lilo´s prompt, but wasn´t able to enter
anything. When getty starts I can login. Or was this the fault of minicom
running on the other end? BTW: I used bo´s lilo_19-2


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